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Call for Session Proposals

The Scientific Committee of the 2023 IUFRO All Division 5 Conference invites submissions for session themes. In keeping with the theme of the conference “The Forest Treasure Chest: Delivering Opportunity for Everyone”, the Scientific Committee aims to develop a program that highlights the diversity of wood and non-wood products that the natural and planted forests around the world provide. Particular focus will be the social and economic benefit of forests to local communities and the role forests play in the provision of habitat and environment for other flora and fauna.

Who may submit a session proposal?
All who share an interest in the future of forests and forest science are invited to submit session proposals. We encourage proposals that involve collaboration between two or more Research Groups and/or with organizations not formally associated with IUFRO, and from university students at all levels.

Preparing and submitting a session proposal
Proposals should be submitted in English, online using the Session Proposal Form. Proposals will not be accepted after 01 March 2022.

In addition to providing basic information on session organizer(s), session title, alignment with the Conference theme, and a short abstract of the session proposal, those submitting proposals should submit (online) a more complete proposal (following the template provided). Proposed sessions should be organized to be nominally 2 hours in length and that 15 minutes be adopted for standard oral presentations.

Criteria for selection
Session proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by members of the Conference Scientific Committee with primary consideration given to their scientific quality.

Acceptance decisions will be made no later than 01 April 2022. An open Call for Abstracts will then be issued in April 2022, with online abstract submission until 8 August 2022, and acceptance decisions provided by 31 November 2022.

We look forward to hearing from you and for your active participation in the design of an excellent scientific program for the 2023 All Division 5 Conference in Cairns, Australia.



Close of session proposals.

Proposals will not be accepted after 01 March 2022.

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